Reconditioned Motor Sales

Park Gate own and operate one of the largest electric motor warehouses in Europe. A reconditioned motor can offer an ideal solution to applications where cost or the availability of a suitable replacement motor is critical.

From small FHP motors to geared units and through to very large industrial machines, Park Gate can supply a wide variety of motors in both standard and obscure frames. AC, DC, HT, Exd and slip-ring are all stocked. All sales are organised to UK standards in our modern workshop and supplied with a relevant warranty. A reconditioned electric motor can look like new and perform like new but at a fraction of the cost and without a lengthy build time.

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We have one of the largest Electrical Motor Warehouses in Europe

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Covid-19 Announcement

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus earlier in the year Park Gate has been operating with reduced staffing levels and although we have continued to provide essential electrical services to industry, there has inevitably been some minor disruptions to our services.

We are pleased to say that the situation has slowly improved and over a period of a few months staff have been gradually returning to work. As of July, 98% of staff are back at work, although a few are still working part-time, and some are still working from home. Overall, however, we are almost fully operational again and there should now be little difference from the services we offered prior to Coronavirus.

At our offices we are restricting visitors and carrying out a number of Covid-19 measures which are probably becoming familiar to everyone. Similarly, our staff working on sites are doing all that they can to prevent any spread of the virus.

All at Park Gate would like to thank our customers, suppliers and colleagues for their understanding and support over the course of the past few months, and hope that the journey to normality continues as we go forward into the future.